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School Uniform Policy


Please take the time to review the current student dress standards.

The mode of dress at C. J. Morris will reflect the combined attitudes of the students, their parents and the faculty. The occasion or nature of the activity should determine student appearance. Since C. J. Morris is an educational institution, the daily attire should be appropriate for an effective learning atmosphere. C. J. Morris also implements a mandatory uniform policy.

The dress code is as follows:
1. All baggy, oversized clothing and jeans are prohibited. No clothing may be worn more than one size larger than student’s measured size.
2. Shirts must have a collar unless they are the official C. J. Morris T-shirt.
3. Shorts’ length must not extend below the knee or above the finger tip.
4. Skirts may be no shorter than fingertip and must be hemmed. Pant legs must be hemmed at shoe top.
5. Blue Denim jeans or shorts are allowed on Fridays only. Spirit Day is every Friday. No sweats, cords, or overalls.
6. Flannel outerwear and regular button down shirts are not allowed.
7. Jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts are to be of a solid color. Approved C. J. Morris sweatshirts are acceptable.
8. No undergarments may show. Girls may wear bike shorts under their skirts provided they do not show.
9. Approved hats only! Other caps, hats and bandanas are to be left at home. Hats and hoods may not be worn covering the eyes and face and may not be worn in class.
10. Hair must be neat. Hairstyles or coloring that is bizarre or disruptive are not permitted.
11. Jewelry or belts that symbolize drug or alcohol use or expresses inflammatory statements, or is considered to be gang-related or dangerous may not be worn. Dangling wallet and key chains are not permitted.
12. For safety reasons, students are required to wear covered, closed toe shoes. Thongs, any open toe shoes, slippers and bare feet are not acceptable or permitted.
13. Nationally recognized uniforms such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc., may be worn on meeting days.
14. Clothing that is too tight or immodest is not allowed. Midriffs must not be shown. Crop tops, tank tops with extended armholes or exposed undergarments are not allowed.
15. Any student in non-compliant clothing will be taken to the office and parent will be notified.
16. On Spirit Day, students must adhere to the dress code policy unless otherwise notified.


C. J. Morris School Uniform Policy Standards

COLOR: Red, White or Navy Blue ONLY
STYLE: Solid, Plain, Collared, Sleeved shirts
Polo style preferred, short or long-sleeved.
Turtlenecks acceptable
Please no stripes, trim, designs or logos except C. J. M. logo

COLOR: Khaki (beige) or Navy Blue ONLY
STYLE: Solid, Plain, Pants or Shorts
Girls can wear skorts, skirts, capris or jumpers.
Docker style pants preferred.
Please no sweatpants, overalls, logos, designs, or trim

Jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters
Solid colors preferred

Any style of covered, closed-toe shoes
Please no sandals or skateshoes (“Heelies”)

Uniform Protective Sun Hats,
Plain Khaki or Navy outdoor hats
Hats for outside purposes only

*This day is dedicated to showing our Matador Spirit!
Athletic bottoms, Denim skirts, skorts, shorts, capris, and jeans permitted
Any t-shirt affiliated with school events past/present including:
Matador March, Chess Masters, Mad Science, etc.
Any shirt affiliated with a college

For a print-out, please download the file.